PlayStation's October 2021 State of Play showcase revealed the free Bugsnax update coming to PS5 and PS4 in early 2022 called The Isle of Bigsnax.

The update features giant snack creatures called Bigsnax, and yes, that means there will be huge Bungers, too. The story will still take place on Snaktooth island, but it centers around the newly discovered Bigsnax. It's a prehistoric species preserved in the ocean until now. Catching Bigsnax won't be so easy though, the game will introduce a new mechanic called the Shrink Spice, which lets you turn the Snax into a regular size. The Isle of Bigsnax includes a new habitat to explore and more Snax to discover, such as the celery-inspired bug in the reveal trailer.

Celery-inspired Bigsnax

There will be a new dangerous expedition to embark on with Shelda, Chandlo, Floofty, and Triffany. Additional updates let you collect decorations and furniture to personalize your Snaxburg hut inside and out. The update will add 100 challenges and 30 quests with almost 200 decoration pieces. You can access challenges through your mailbox. Also, you can put all sorts of Bughats on all of the Snax.

One of the Bughats

If you've already completed Bugsnax before, you'll be put into Snaxburg when you load your completed save. If you're a new player, the content will show up in the game as you play.